We’ve put the following FAQs together to answer the most common questions:

How soon should I contact you to arrange a quotation?

As soon as you know you are going to be relocating, don’t leave this to the last minute. We are happy to visit you as soon as you would like and our quotations are valid for up to 3 months.

How do I go about getting a quote?

To provide an accurate written quotation we would always recommend that our surveyor visits you to ascertain exactly what you have to be moved and to go through all of your requirements with you. This is a free service without obligation and can be arranged for anytime to suit you.

How does the surveyor calculate my removal fee?

We treat each quotation individually and base the price on your specific needs. These include the type of vehicle and the size of team we need. There may also be other factors, such as having to remove furniture via a window.

What Is Included In the quotation?

Your quotation will be built around your particular requirements which are discussed at the time of our surveyor visiting

Do you offer any additional services?

Yes we can quote to include additional services, such as:

  • unpacking
  • Electrical and plumbing work
  • Disposal of unwanted items
  • Dismantling and reassembly of furniture

If there is anything else you think we may be able to help with, please feel free to ask.

When I am ready to book, how much notice do I need to give?

We are happy to check availability for you once you start discussing dates with your chain and can provisionally book your move date if available once your solicitor asks you for permission to exchange contracts. We will hold this booking for you for up to 24 hours while the exchange takes place and you are then in the position to confirm the booking with us.

If for some reason, you are unable to give us advance warning, we will always do everything we can to try and accommodate you.

When do I need to pay?

For household removals we ask for a 60% deposit once you have exchanged contracts with the balance payable on move day.

For commercial removals we will send an invoice once the move is complete, our payment terms are 28 days

How do I pay?

We accept BACS, debit and credit cards at no extra cost. Unfortunately we cannot accept American Express or cheques.

Will I have a dedicated contact?

Yes, you will be assigned your own removal co-ordinator who will oversee your removal from start to finish

What will you do with my…….?

Hanging Clothes
Portable clothes rails will be on our vehicle on move day, our crew will transfer your clothes straight from your wardrobe onto the rails and then on delivery, hang everything back in your wardrobes. These robes are available for purchase if required, if for example you do not have wardrobes at your new home yet.

Flat Screen Television
Most households now own a large flat screen television, if you have the original box great, if not please disconnect/take down from the wall and our team will carefully protect this for you using our specialist covers.

We have specialist sofa covers which are put on sofas/armchairs in your home before they are moved.


We have bags and covers to protect these.

Our removals crew will wrap these in blankets for you however if you would also like to bubble wrap these that’s fine too

Folded Clothes/Linen
Can be left in drawers and our removals teams will remove the drawers to move the furniture safely. You may like to cover the top of the clothes with some packing paper for added protection.

Will you protect my carpets/flooring?

Yes we have specialist covers which will be placed on all your floors and carpets where required. Mats will be placed in your hallway and banisters and stairs fully protected also.

How do I obtain packing boxes and materials?

If you have received our brochure there will be a price list enclosed of all the packing boxes and materials that we sell, alternatively you can click ‘here’

You can either collect these from us in Luton, or alternatively we can offer delivery within a 25 mile radius for a £12 charge.

Take a look at our moving house check list for some helpful tips!

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